About CD2 Leadership

CD2 Leadership has leveraged proven technology and content that enables anyone, from business leaders to individual contributors, to connect their operational and strategic vision to daily actions with trackable results. For the first time, not only is this time-proven content scalable and affordable, but we can take learning from the virtual classroom and connect it to operational bottom-line results.

Inspired by The Ken Blanchard Companies®

Inspired by The Ken Blanchard Companies, whose mission is to unleash the potential and power in people and organizations for the greater good. By partnering with The Ken Blanchard Companies, CD2 Leadership is able to make this mission affordable and scalable to anyone and everyone who has a desire to improve themselves, their environment, and their life. Visit KenBlanchard.com

Powered by CD2 Learning

Powered by CD2 Learning, which was started in 2008 with one goal in mind: to develop a scalable system that would allow companies to create and deliver innovative content in a new way. Combining both features of an LMS and CMS, CD2 challenged the status quo on its quest to offer companies in different industries a way to connect with their customers. The solution offered allows for maintaining the stability of intellectual property as well as giving old ways of delivery new life. CD2 has become the next generational tool, leveraging the owners' previous 11-year business experience in online learning systems. This experience comes from delivering content and scoring more than a billion online assessment questions. Visit cd2learning.com