Leadership Experts

CD2 Leadership is an online leadership development solution that combines real world experience and practical leadership training—it is both scalable and affordable for everyone.

Our approach is to develop leaders alongside individual contributors moving through a progressive learning journey.

  • Understanding Self: we begin with helping learners understand themselves by discovering what drives them in order to build on strengths and become strong self-leaders.

  • Building Relationships: then, learners move to build a strong and effective working community with others.

  • Producing Results: next, learners will use their new skills and relationships to move others and themselves to action that produces results.

  • Charting Careers: finally, they develop long-term growth ideas

CD2 Leadership courses offer a variety of the following content.

Situational Leadership® II

SLII® is a strategic and effective method for managing and developing people. SLII will teach you a leadership language to help you increase the quality and quantity of conversations, accelerate development, increase effectiveness and performance, and build autonomy and self-reliance in your people. Becoming a Situational Leader—a Best Boss—allows you to partner with those you lead, giving them what they need to succeed on their goals.

SLII Lessons:

SMART Goals, Self Leadership and Diagnosis, Diagnosing Others, Flexing Your Leadership Style, One on One Meetings, Partnering for Performance, Collaborative Goal Setting


Temperament describes the part of your personality that is mindful of emotional outlooks and responses. Learning about temperaments will help you to better understand yourself and others by identifying those emotions, attitudes, and priorities that shape decisions and behaviors.

Each of us has a dominant temperament—behaviors you feel most comfortable with and are the most natural to you. We also have a shadow temperament—the one that least describes you and is difficult for you to identify with.

Temperament Lessons:

Introduction to Temperaments, Relating to Temperaments, Temperaments and Management, Temperaments and Careers

Professional Foundations

Becoming clear about what is important to you and finding ways to align with these choices vastly increases your quality of life. This understanding will help you get your needs met and get clarity about your decision-making standards.

Building relationships with others is another important life skill and greatly impacts your success in the workplace. Enhancing your communication skills and as a leader and sharing your leadership point of view will help you to nurture and sustain positive relationships with others.

Professional Foundations Lessons:

Needs and Values, Your Leadership Point of View, Interpersonal Communication, Listening for Results, Understanding Career Development