Frequently Asked Questions

Who is CD2 Leadership for?

CD2 Leadership was designed to meet the needs of individuals and organizations that prefer an online learning approach or need a leadership curriculum to reach groups of individuals that previously have not been able to take part in leadership development.

CD2 Leadership learning can be delivered to organizations using a blended learning approach or can be used as a stand-alone for individuals or groups.

  • Senior Leaders: Can share the company vision, mission, and strategic goals. Senior Leader curriculum is coming soon.
  • Learning Professionals: Get Certification Management System (CMS) that makes it easy to set up and manage their own learning. Complete materials including PowerPoint slides with Leaders Notes and Handouts for either live or virtual discussion sessions.
  • Managers: Get best-in-class management and leadership content, as well as tools to track their One on One meetings with goals and accomplishments of each employee.
  • Individual Contributors: Get best-in-class self-leadership and communication lessons, with all the tools they need to set excellent goals, track their learning, and track their meetings with their manager.

What is the Blended Learning approach?

Collaborative learning over time, to optimize impact and retention

CD2 Leadership's curriculum uses a blended learning approach to develop leaders alongside individual contributors.

This flexible learning path allows participants to learn in small increments by combining interactive, self-paced elearning lessons that build on each other with live debrief sessions that facilitate learning conversations and encourage collaborative learning, impactful application, and greater retention.

CD2 Leadership's content gives companies a shared process, language, and model for building leadership and nurturing relationships.

1 - Set Up For Success

Create strategic alignment

As a first step, leaders are encouraged to craft the organizational learning strategy. The learning champion will set the expectation for involvement, ensuring high levels of participation, engagement, and organization support and alignment.

Impact Mapping can be included to confirm organization, department, and individual goal alignment. You can use one of the provided generic maps, craft a specific one for your organization with a Blanchard expert, or use none.

2 - Launch and Online Learning

Engage participants and begin learning

Learners participate in a 60-minute Launch session to set the tone for learner engagement, create excitement around the learning, and overview the program elements. The Launch provides an opportunity for senior leaders to share the Impact Map and how the learning will benefit the organization, department, and individuals.

After the Launch, participants begin their online learning, where they will learn and practice skills. Each lesson sets up the topic, teaches key ideas, and allows learners to interact and experience concepts through simulations, case studies, puzzles, games, and various click-to-learn activities.

3 - Debrief Session

Practice, share, and learn from others

Facilitated by the leader, individuals have the opportunity to interact with their peers to discuss learnings, talk about application, and share success stories.

By dividing the learning experience into manageable segments, learners acquire concepts more easily, and can practice and apply new skills. Revisiting the virtual or traditional classroom allows learners to debrief with their peers and the facilitator by working in pairs or groups on real-work assignments and then apply the concepts and tools.

4 - Online Learning Debrief and Close

Participants continue learning

Participants continue their learning by completing the next set of lessons and continue building upon their knowledge. Debrief sessions are conducted as needed ending with a Close session.

What Impact Skills are taught?

Impact Skills: CD2 Leadership lessons will teach impact skills in the following areas.

  • Self-awareness and knowledge
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Understanding others
  • Goal orientation
  • Planning
  • Managing up
  • Managing Vision and Purpose
  • Integrity and Trust
  • Authenticity/Approachability
  • Managing people
  • Developing people
  • Communication
  • Motivating people
  • Caring about direct reports
  • Managing and Measuring Work
  • Work/Life Balance
  • Organization alignment

What curriculum packages and lessons are available?

Full certification packages are available for individual stand-alone purchase through the online store. Talk to a sales representative if you are interested in a blended learning full solution. Lesson descriptions are available on the Store.