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Looking to grow as a manager, entrepreneur, or businessperson?

CD2 Leadership, a self-paced online course in leadership, teaches best practices discovered and refined by The Ken Blanchard Companies over the past four decades. No matter your current role and responsibilities, CD2 Leadership will help you gain a better understanding of yourself, and then leverage this knowledge to motivate your business associates and those who report to you.

Dozens of Fortune 500 companies rely on CD2 Leadership to help their managers reach new professional heights, so you can be confident that it will turbocharge your skill set. And since CD2 Leadership is web-based, you can learn at your own pace, at your convenience.

Completion of CD2 Leadership sends a message to your peers, superiors, recruiters, and other professionals that you are an effective leader. It is a stamp of approval that shows you are a true professional and are fit to lead—and that carries significant weight in the business world.

Think of CD2 Leadership as a small investment that will pay a lifetime's worth of dividends.

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Manager Certification

If you are tasked with getting things done with and through others this is the course for you. Learn sound management practices that will help you to motivate and inspire your people to produce the best possible results.


Individual Contributor Certification

If you are looking for ways to be the most effective professional possible this is course for you. Learn sound practices for managing yourself and partnering successfully with people at all levels.