How do I get everyone headed in the same direction?

Odds are your managers are fighting a never-ending tug-of-war. Competing agendas…changing business strategies…daily dramas: It's enough to overwhelm even the most seasoned employees.

Now you can help your managers succeed with CD2 Leadership: a unique road map that empowers them to lead their employees in the direction you want them to go.

CD2 Leadership accomplishes this by turning your corporate mission, values, and strategic plan from a collection of words into a living reality in your workplace. Managers are taught key leadership skills and techniques from our acclaimed Situational Leadership curriculum via online video and exercises. Then they incorporate this into their daily routine with the Impact Map—a robust, personalized web tool that helps them make decisions in accord with your vision.

The Impact Map is no ordinary tool. It is a compass that lets managers make sure they are on track, a repository of your corporate wisdom, and a collection of best practices. Most of all, the Impact Map constantly helps managers make decisions that are aligned with your mission, values, and strategic plan.

CD2 Leadership will stop the tug-of-wars plaguing your managers and get everyone pulling in the same direction. And that is the hallmark of every successful company.

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